by admin - May 3rd, 2016

You will have noticed that Ive not been here for a little while. Life has been keeping me busy. Yes I have news. I will be retiring within the next four to six months. Ive had tweleve glorious years in the industry and there have been changes in my lifenand more to come. I am now working part time in another job which I really love. I am soon t be reloating nearer to my family and as I don’t want any awquard situations for them or me I am going to retire. I have met some lovely people and had some wonderful times, thank you. But its time to hang up my suspender belt. I wont announce when I am no longer available. I will just quietly slip away.


Penny xxx

Wheres ya been?

by admin - July 11th, 2015

 july 2015

Really sorry that I haven’t been around for the last month or so.  Ive had glandular fever and have been a bit poorly .  Im happy to say that I am much better and feeling great again.  You can see from this selfie I took this week that Im looking and feeling much better.  I have still been entertaining gents but it depended on how I was feeling of course.  One lovely new gent entertained me with his card tricks which was good fun.


So summer is here at last and Ihope you are enjoying the great weather we are having at the moment.  Im around as normal until the end of this month and then will have limited availability for August so if you would like the pleasure of my company its probably best to give me as much notice as possible.

Keep sexy

Penny x x x


Passion is coming to London!

by admin - March 29th, 2015



Apologies for my blogging absence.  Just don’t know where the time has gone.  Well, actually yes I do.  Ive used it up and worn it out.  All is well with me, just busy busy.  Hope its the same for you.

As of May this year I will be coming to London for a few days each month.  A girlfriend of mine has been telling me what fun she has been having in London.  So as my circumstances have changed I can now come and have some fun with you London gents too. If you want to know when I will be available then please do email me or just watch this page for tour details.  I will be offering my seduction and passion to you London gents who enjoy a mature naturally busty English lady.

Lets have some fun!


Penny x x x



Happy New Year !!

by admin - January 12th, 2015

happy new year

I know Im a tad late but I have been without my lap top for over a month.  Its the second time Ive had to send it back to the manufacturer in less than a year.  So as you can imagine I wasn’t a happy Penny.  Its now back and I have the task of reloading the programmes that I use.  Im just glad that I do a regular back up, but even so I did loose a bit of data but I will have to live with that.

So here I am, Happy New Year to you.  The end of last year wasn’t brilliant for me, lots of things went wrong so I was really looking forward to the new year, new start.  Its already proving a good start for me, and I hope it is for you too.

My last blog about my little dabble into the theatrical world got a great response from lots of you. There is a book of the play still available on Amazon, just enter the play writers name in the search box if you are interested.

May 2015 bring you happiness and joy and lots of sexy liaisons.



Penny x x x

My five minutes of fame

by admin - November 12th, 2014



I haven’t told you about this before but now feel I would like to share this with you.  I was the character ‘Suzi’ in the verbatim play ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ by the very talented Alecky Blythe.  It was shown at the Royal Court in the Autumn of 2008 and then again at the Young Vic in late 2009.  I went to see it both times with family and friends.   The actress who played me is Beatie Edney, we got on really well and are still in touch today.

So how did it come about?  Alecky contacted me via an escort forum and asked if anyone would be interested in taking part in some research she was doing for an idea for a play.  I agreed to meet up with her and we got on really well.  I could tell that she was a genuine person, and I was interested in her research.  As in my view anything shown positively and truthfully about the sex industry is a good thing.  I was at the time available one day a week in a small brothel near the coast, Alecky was interested in this.  I approached the other girls who were working there and after they met Alecky too they agreed to be part of the project.  So the journey began.

Over a few months Alecky would come down to the brothel and just record conversations between us girls, watch us disappear and meet and greet clients and disappear into the bedrooms.  We even got  her to be the maid at one point, opening the door to clients.  Alecky works in a specific way, verbatim, which is recording conversations of real people then editing them into making a play.  The actors then listen to it through ear pieces and then speak our words while acting.  Its very powerful as its real people’s real words.  I loved being part of this.   During production I was invited to talk to the actors and the crew about my experiences and what it is like working in the sex industry and with other women in the industry too.  Have a google, you will find lots about it on the web.  The play and the characters in it were very down to earth and real.  Alex Lowe played the various clients, you didn’t really see him, just heard him coming in and out of the brothel.

When I went to see it at the Royal Court for the first time no one in the audience, apart from a few people who came with me, knew I was there.  I was amazed at the audiences reaction.  The play was funny and very moving in parts.  It was recorded at the time my dad was dying and the other girls were going through their own life traumas too.  The audiences reaction and the reviews were very positive.  I know it made a few people think about the preconceived ideas there are out there about the women who work in the sex industry, and that’s the main reason I did this. It was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it.  I have no wish to be famous, but just to be part of this was amazing.  Working in this industry has led me to meeting some lovely people and given me opportunities I would never have had if I wasn’t doing what I am doing.



Penny x x x



ps.  If you would like to see a trailer of The Girlfriend Experience here it is:




Naughty Naughty PVC Fun

by admin - October 23rd, 2014

PVC Maid

From time to time I get invited by others to play.  This picture was taken during an extremely fun session with a PVC Maid at a Gatwick Hotel.  I was kindly invited by my lovely friend Annabelle Delight.  On our arrival the PVC Maid was tied up on the bed, fully dressed in her PVC maids outfit, including a hair piece and a face mask, stockings a heels.  We pretended to be housekeeping who had come to clean the room and who happen to come across the PVC Maid.,  We made her wriggle a little and teased her, we then made her dress and parade around the room in a different outfit.  We had great fun teasing her and putting her into light bondage, using gags and whips.  Then we put on our strap-ons for some double fun.

Life is never boring lol



Penny x x x




How to book a lady and have a great experience

by admin - August 24th, 2014



My lovely friend Annabelle has written a fantastic blog on how to book a lady and have a great experience


With her kind permission I have copied it here for you to see.


How To Book a Lady & have a great experience

I’ve written this guide especially for you lovely gents to help you find the right lady for you and how to go ahead with booking her and then what follows on.


1)      Depending on what ad you have seen for an adult provider, search on her name & mobile number as it could give a link to her own website where many of your questions have already been addressed and also by searching the phone number and name it may lead you to review sites too, which is very useful!  By having a read through her services and what’s on offer,   prices and working hours  if advertised then you are already reasonably well informed.


2)      First contact either by phone or email, please note MANY ladies do not like texting so if you ring & don’t reach her straight away then leave it for about an hour and try again.  If it goes to her voice mail then listen carefully as she may have given instructions on what to do if you can’t reach her by phone or she may be on holiday and will have hopefully updated her recorded message.  If emailing her then simply send a polite hello message and the date/time duration & brief style of the booking you are looking for (without being smutty) we are adults so let’s treat each other with respect.  There is a time and place for pillow talk ;)


3)      It’s very rare that a sensual massage provider or an escort will happily take very short notice bookings, they are not for me because if I do not have a booking in my diary until later that day then I will keep myself busy with my other income stream which involves creating mess!  I like to get into the right frame of mind set when meeting gents so that I can really enjoy myself and that will come across and make for a positive experience.  Have a couple of times/dates in mind, just as you would with making any other appointment, as the one that you want may already be allocated to someone else or the lady may be doing something entirely different.  At a minimum I like 1-2 hours notice and that’s if I am available of course.


4)      Do not wrongly assume that ladies see every person that makes an enquiry, whilst many good independent ladies do this style of work as a career choice and yes we all need to earn an income somehow (just so happens our job is often more fun at times) I recently had a chap ( I won’t call him a gentleman) send an email which I really didn’t like his tone so I replied quite curtly, his retort was “someone in my position shouldn’t come across like that” as if I should be grateful he was being rude to me!?  Treat other humans with kindness and respect and you will usually receive the same in return.  I certainly didn’t want to entertain someone so disrespectful and with an appalling attitude.


5)      Ok the deed is done, you’ve spoken and made the arrangements and it’s in both your diaries.  Take note of the instructions you were given to confirm, where to meet or call from etc etc.  If a lady states no texting then don’t plague her with texts. So if she says ring me at X time then do so.  If you are early then drive around the block or go to a local shop and kill some time rather than lurk and look suspicious, if you are running late or lost then call her asap.


6)      You get cold feet or need to cancel for whatever reason, please be a decent human being and let the lady know as soon as you know that you cannot attend an appointment.  With notice then most ladies will understand, don’t make the mistake of a no show as you will most likely be blacklisted by the provider and may also end up on various punting/sensual massage forums where your details will be shared with other service providers.  This will be the only time that information is likely to be shared.  If you are a jolly nice gent who doesn’t mess ladies around then you will not end up on such sites!  In some case’s ladies do ask for a small deposit against a booking, the usual amount for a half hour or one hour appointment will be around £30 to £40 with the balance cash on arrival.  If you have done your homework in point 1) then you can be rest assured your deposit is in safe hands.


7) Don’t sweat the small stuff!  I have happily taken bookings from gents who sounded pleasant on the phone and they have had a couple of outfit ideas that I have taken note of.  By the way most ladies will rather dress in something they feel good in that day (take note)  the gent then proceeded to email further with approx 10+emails asking for tiny details such as lipstick colour, necklaces, painted nail polish in a specific colour.  It’s really not sexy, in fact it’s OCD and you will come across as creepy and appointment cancelled for being “odd”  I did make it clear in the second email that he was getting too formulaic and prescriptive in his manner but he didn’t back down.  So he was ignored and then blocked.

8) On arrival at the ladies premises make sure you are discreet on entry (no bellowing out of the ladies name or announcing why you are there) when exiting remain discreet and no hovering around afterwards.  Drive away discreetly and don’t drawer attention with music blaring.  You would expect the same if it was an out-call to your private home.


9)      Turn up freshly showered and groomed or use the shower/bathroom facilities offered.  Wash all your bits and have nice fresh breath (visiting a dental hygienist is essential at LEAST once a year for a deep clean, more if you smoke) check the bathroom for mouth wash and use it.  If you’ve done all your background checks then you will have booked the service that you require at a price you are happy with.  Most importantly relax and have a great time ;)


Have fun.


Penny x x x

I kissed a girl . . . .

by admin - July 28th, 2014

two lips



… and I most certainly liked it!  This wasn’t one of my lovely duo ladies, this was a lady client.  She initially contacted me by email, explaining her circumstances and that she was ripe for a new experience and had chosen me to have it with.  I get quite a few emails similar to this either by ladies or couples, or should I say pretend ladies and couples.  As once I suggest we have a chat on the phone they disappear!  But not this lady.  We had a lovely chat on the phone and made arrangements to meet.

I have seen ladies on their own before, but not for awhile.  For some reason it seemed more important to take more time over what I would wear.  You guys are easily pleased lol.  I was looking forward to seducing her, as we had planned.  She arrived, a very attractive lady in her 40’s.  We shared a glass of Merlot and had a little chat.  I slowly seduced her, she was very sensual and passionate, a bit like me really.  We had a great time and I received a lovely text from her the next day saying she really enjoyed our time together and appreciated me taking things slow and sensual with her.  She like me, is very much into men, but to have the experience of a woman now and again certainly spices things up and is quite different, and lots of fun.

Im having a busy summer, on a personal basis.  Lots of family events going on, which I love.  I am slightly tanned and my freckles are more obvious.  Sun kisses as I like to call them.  Im home for the summer so if you have some time off and want to see me please do contact me.  My bedroom is always nice and cool as I have a fan, however, I cant promise not to make you hot and bothered in other ways!


Penny x x x



Summer Lovin

by admin - June 11th, 2014

Penny June 2014

Loving the nice weather at the moment.  Im not really a sun bather but do love being outside with the doggie for country walks, or walks by the sea.  Im so lucky where I am, neither is very far away.  I have freckles galore, beautiful sun kisses.

Things I love about the summer:  South of England Show – Sunflowers – Pimms – Family BBQ’s – Long walks in the Country or by the Sea with the doggie – Floaty Clothes – Having all the windows open (apart from the boudouir when Im entertaining!) – Exotic Salads – Cider with lots of ice – Wearing flip flops to show off my lovely painted toe nails – Waking up to the birds singing – Lighter evenings.  All these give me a great feel good factor.

I was told last week by a gent that I ‘make him smile inside and out’.  I like that.  The Penny Effect.  The Summer also makes me feel very sexy.  I think its the combination of the sunshine, wearing less clothes, and eating more healthier.  Though I still love my chocolate straight out of the fridge.

Can I ‘effect’ you?  Give me a call and we shall see.



Penny x x x



by admin - April 25th, 2014

Christmas and Birthday 2013 001

Hate Mondays?  Me too.  We could cheer each other up with a sexy liaison at my place in Horsham.  I am going to test this out this Monday and if good fun will provide Monday Madness at other times too.

Im not mad I promise you  just wanting to start the week off with some fun with you.  This discounted price is for incalls only, and MUST be booked in advance.  I will be taking bookings up until 9am on the day.  I will be available to see you from 9am until 5pm on Monday.

You may have seen me before, you might not have.  It doesn’t matter.

My incall fees for this day are:  £100 for the hour, £150 for an hour and a half and £60 for half hour.

You will see from my website that I am a curvy lady, dress size 18 with 40DD natural bust line.  I offer a sensual and seductive gfe, as well as light domination, roleplay and much more.

Temped?  Then give me a call.


Penny x x x

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